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At ConstroMat, we pride ourselves on offering a carefully curated selection of top-quality construction materials. We aim to provide the A to Z of construction material and become the one stop solution for all your requirements. Our product catalog is your gateway to excellence in construction


Building strong foundations starts with quality cement. Explore our wide range of cement products to find the perfect blend for your construction needs, whether it's for building structures or creating durable surfaces. Choose from various types, grades, and brands to ensure your project stands the test of time.

Type of Cement
  • OPC
  • PPC
  • PSC
  • PCC
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Add character and durability to your projects with our selection of aggregates/stonechips. Discover a variety of sizes and colors to suit your preferences.

Type of Aggregates
  • Aggregate 10MM
  • Aggregate 20MM
  • Aggregate 40MM
  • Aggregate 80MM
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Building with bricks? Our diverse range of bricks caters to every style and structural requirement. From reds bricks to fly ash bricks, your vision becomes reality with ConstroMat.

Type of Bricks
  • Class 1 Red Bricks
  • Class 2 Red Bricks
  • Class 3 Red Bricks
  • Fly Ash Bricks
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Experience the future of construction with blocks like AAC Blocks. Build with confidence using blocks from ConstroMat.

Type of Blocks
  • AAC Block
  • Paver Block
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The foundation of many great projects starts with quality sand. Explore our sand to find the perfect type for your construction needs.

Type of Sand
  • Medium Sand
  • Plaster Sand
  • M - Sand
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Enhance the workbility of concrete, mortar, and cement with usage of quality admixture

Type of Admixture
  • Master Polyheed 8306
  • Master Polyheed 8949
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Stone Dust

Tiny particles, big impact – enhance concrete, asphalt, soil & more!

Type of Stone Dust
  • Stone Dust
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Coastal sand for sidewalks & pavements – choose wisely for specific needs.

Type of GSB
  • GSB
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Strength and durability are the cornerstones of any construction project, and TMT steel bars are engineered to provide just that. From residential homes to large-scale structures, TMT steel bars ensure the structural integrity of your project. Explore our selection to find the right size and grade for your construction requirements.

Type of Steel
  • 12-32MM
  • 10MM
  • 8MM
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Make your construction process faster by using Ready-mixed concrete, in the specific quantity required, in the specific mix design required

Type of RMC
  • M-05
  • M-7.5
  • M-10
  • M-15
  • M-20
  • M-25
  • M-30
  • M-35
  • M-40
  • M-45
  • M-50
  • M-55
  • M-60
  • M-65
  • M-70
  • M-80
  • M-95
  • M-100
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Crash Barrier

Protect your construction site and surrounding areas with our robust selection of crash barriers.

Type of Crash Barrier
  • Road Crash Barrier
  • W-Beam
  • Thrie Beam
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Alumunium and MS Steel Scaffolding

Type of Scaffolding
  • Ledger
  • Vertical
  • Spigot Pin/Jointer
  • Base Plate
  • Plank Sheet/Chaali
  • MS Pipe
  • Swivel Clamp
  • Fixed Clamp
  • Shikanja
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Fly Ash

Fly-ash is mainly produced in thermal power plants as a by-product and other plants which use pulverized coal or lignite as a source of fuel for boilers. Fly-ash is known as coal ash, pulverized flue ash, and pozzolona.

Type of Fly Ash
  • Fly Ash
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